Strategy Plus


Have you ever had to keep tweaking your strategy when other stakeholders have come up with ideas or problems you’d not foreseen?

Strategy Plus makes sure you get a well-informed strategy right from the outset by taking deep engagement and using it to create strategic solutions that work at every level. The Strategy Plus process uses tools that have been proven in organizations of all sizes, right up to governments and global corporations.

Advantages of the Strategy Plus methodology include:

  • Well formed strategic decisions at the outset
  • All stakeholders input into the process
  • No unexpected and embarrassing U-turns
  • No need to sell the strategy – everyone’s already bought in
  • Creates alignment and breaks down silo divisions
  • Generates high levels of enthusiasm and energy
  • Results in immediate action towards goals


Because of the deep engagement needed to facilitate Strategy Plus, the programme involves a series of workshops that culminate in a collective understanding of the desired future, which is then turned into live projects to get the team into rapid action.

With Strategy Plus you get whole team engagement and real impetus to move forward, with change led across the organization and guided – rather than driven – from the top.

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