James Timpson

James Timpson has taken his family shoe repair business from a declining also-ran of the high street to a radical and profitable enterprise.  Listen as he expalains "upside down management" and why telling someone what to do is a sackable offence...

Rick Haythornthwaite

Rick is Chairman of Mastercard's Board of Directors, President of Petro Saudia International UK, and is Senior Advisor for Star Capital Partners.  Here he gives some great insights, including some creative ways to bring about culture change in organisations.

David Abraham

As CEO of Channel 4, David is in a unique postion to talk about the importance of creativity in leadership and his concept of "tight but loose" management.

Margaret Heffernan

Enterpreneur and author Margaret Heffernan challenges the idea that 'competition works' and looks at some possible solutions.  How do leaders avoid becoming blind to what's going on in their organisations?

John Heaps

Chairman of top 10 law firm Everseds, John shares some fascinating insights into the impact of language - especially body language - on team performance.

Kevin Murray

Chairman of Good Relations, Kevin has long been fascinated by the communications aspect of leadership and how leaders communicate to acheive change.  His books 'The Language of Leaders' and 'Communicate to Inspire' are based on extensive research and inteviews with over 60 top leaders from all walks of life.

Sam Laidlaw

The Centrica CEO and HSBC non-executive director discusses the role of socially responsible leadership in the modern economic environment.

Peter Cheese

In his role as CEO of the HR industry body the CIPD, Peter comes into contact with a wide range of leaders and leadership styles.  What are the key requirements for leaders in the 21st century?

Sir Vernon Ellis

With his extensive background in the world of global consulting, and now as Chairman of the British Council, Sir Vernon discusses the implications of leading across cultural boundaries.

David Heath OBE

As an MP and Deputy Leader of the House of Commons, David has significant experience of the importance of listening to create a platform for great leadership.