21st Century Leadership PodcastIf you're fed up of hearing all the bullshit, jargon and cliches around leadership, this podcast series is about getting real. Brett talks with top leaders and leadership thinkers as they share their ideas and insights on leading in a world that's radically different from the one still being taught in business schools.

The world needs different thinking and acting right now and leaders, believe it or not, must lead the way. Out with the top-down command-and-control models of the 20th Century, and in with getting out of the way and trusting your people (who know best) to make the decisions.

This series takes you 'on a journey' (OK, so not completely cliche-free!) by looking at the big picture and gradually delving deeper into some of the changes we need to make to be effective and inspiring leaders in this incredible new world that's emerging.

For example, Kevin Ellis, UK Chair of the world's biggest consultancy firm PwC, explains some radical changes he's making to adapt their organisation for an average employee age of just 28. And we bring you conversations with a White House advisor, the Chair of the Government's 'Taylor Review' into the Future of Work, and several authors of seminal leadership books and models.

And it'll be fun. How can we make the world of work better if we don't all just lighten up a little?! (Or a lot in some cases!)  Enjoy :-)


Leadership In Action podcast image 1400x1400 v 2In this series Brett speaks with a diverse range of business leaders to uncover their 'secret sauce'.  From Mastercard and Centrica Chairman Rick Haythornthwaite and acclaimed entrepeneur and TED speaker Margaret Heffernan, to former Deputy Leader of the House of Commons David Heath, you'll hear a diverse set of experiences from which some consistent themes emerge.