Leading Into The Future is a complete stragy development programme to help you get crystal clear on where you are going.

This one-day workshop will help you uncover the hidden threats both within and outside your business and equip you to lead the transition from Force to Flow.

There are four modules.


Module 1:  What's Going On In The World?

There are a lot of cliches being thrown around at the moment!  "We're living in duruptive times."  "The relentless advance of technology."  "Exponential change."  You've heard it all before.  

But, cliche or not, it's all true.  The question is: "What does it all mean?"

We examine some of the factors at play and why the changes of the past are nothing compared to what lies ahead for us and our organisations.  The whole nature of leadership will have to change to enable us to thrive in the coming years.


Module 2:  The Titanic Factor

This is what stops us from changing and keeps us sailing full steam ahead towards potential disaster.  It is the intertia within our organisations that prevents us from "confronting the harsh realities," plus the social and psychological patterns that lead to collective denial.  We'll seek to identify how The Titanic Factor may be impacting your business.


Module 3:  The Icebergs

The Iceberg Model of Systems Communication illustrates how we tend to work at the superficial level of symptoms and provides a framework for creating more effective and deeper communications that can lead to greater understanding and transformative thinking.


Module 4:  The Butterfly's Journey

This is a metaphor for our 3-step U-Change process.

Step 1 - Engage.  This is about engaging with the issues and other stakeholders involved to find out as much as possbile about what's really going on.  It's like the Caterpillar gobbling up all the information.

Step 2 - Connect.  Here we need to let the data settle and allow ourselves to make sense of it.  We are making use of our unconscious minds to do all the legwork and make sense of the complexities that are beyond to ability our rational minds to grasp.  We're also connecting to a sense of future possibility.  Just as the Chrysalis needs time to pupate, or best ideas will come when they're ready.

Step 3 - Transform.  Once you've got clarity about what your future looks like you must get into rapid action whilst the energy and enthusiasm are there - strike while the iron's hot!  The Butterfly dries its wings and takes flight; it doesn't stop to write a five-year plan!


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