What Does It Do?

The SME 'Fit for the Future' U-Change® programme is a transformative change process to foster innovation and new ways of thinking and working, to make your business fit - or fitter - for the future.

We expect clients to be able to create at least £0.5 million recurring additional bottom line benefit, if they complete the programme and embrace the concepts fully.


Who Is It For?

If you're an ambitious and independent (or autonomous) business in the range of £15- to £50-million turnover, this programme is right for you.


What's In It for My Business?

It will deliver so much more than just profit and greater certainty.  Imagine what it would be like to have:

  • An inspired and motivated team
  • Engagement at all levels inside and outside the business
  • A desire for positive and ongoing change
  • steady flow of talent emerging from within
  • dynamic and resilient organisation that can see into the future
  • A business that's admired by its peers

All that is possible with the deep level U-Change® process.


How Does It Work?

The U-Change® programme will run for one year to get the process fully embedded within your organisation.  It will include:

  • 3 x one-day workshop intensives to EngageConnect and Transform
  • 1 x one-day implementation planning session
  • Up to 9 x half- to one-day monthly progress reviews
  • Full telephone and other ad hoc support during the programme
  • All course design and materials

Participants will be given assignments to complete between sessions.  This is an important part of the process, not just an add-on.

Please note: this is not just a senior management or leadership programme.  It will only work if it involves the whole organisation - and, ideally, outside stakeholders too - to get a 360 degree view.

The programme will create an ongoing change in the way your business operates.  The monthly reviews should become an integral part of your operational procedures, beyond the end of the programme.


What's My Investment?

We use what we call "Factor 10 Pricing".  That means our clients should expect to get at least a ten times ROI.  So on the basis of being worth over £500,000 to your bottom line, the SME U-Change® programme is priced at less than £50k at only £47,000.

And if you qualify for our "Pioneers Club" by becoming one of the first six businesses on the programme, we'll give you a hefty £20k reduction to just £27,000.

What's more, it comes with our Results Guarantee: you pay only 50% for the actual delivery of the programme.  The balance is entirely at your discretion - you only pay when you're completely satisfied with the outcome.


How Do I Find Out More?

Phone the office on 01373 301 274, or speak to Brett direct on 07834 608 878.