This is so important: the old saying, "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime."

I was reminded of this when I saw my daughter's entry in a travel photo competition.  [And please, if you like the picture go here and click like.]

Balinese fishermanThis saying can be applied to so many different situations and contexts, and it highlights the vital importance of learning to our very survival.

We're far too...

...ready to leap in and help people - often creating greater dependency - instead of encouraging them to help themselves.  The key is to build people's capacity and set them free by creating independence, self-esteem and a sense of purpose. 

In my experience, the vast majority of people have the desire and capability to achieve incredible things.  All they lack are the basic skills, tools and knowledge.  Put those in place and you set in motion a flywheel effect that slowly gathers momentum until it becomes unstoppable!

That's the core philosophy at UKLA, to give you the opportunity and provide a platform for you to develop yourself, while at the same time encouraging you and giving you the skills to help others do the same. 

I'm a great believer... empowering others.  All my business life I've built self-motivating, empowered teams that can get on and achieve amazing things with minimal input from me.

I get such a buzz from seeing others develop and grow as I put more and more trust in them, creating massive self-belief and astonishing them as they discover their true power and awesome potential!

To experience that for yourself, book a no-obligation 30-Minute Strategy Session and see how far you can go!