In my last blog post I talked about the Power of Intention.

I said it was important to make sure the intention you set is well-formed and compelling for you.

That's because, when you set to work on taking action towards your intention, there will be hundreds and thousands of distractions to derail you along the way.  

You'll get...

...emails, phone calls, pleas for help, social media messages, invitations to get involved in all sorts of activities that will keep you occupied and take your attention away from your big vision.  And if your intention is weak, you'll easily get sucked in by it all.

You must take action, and you must make sure the action you're taking is the right action to get you to your goal in the shortest possible time.

This means taking time out to regularly re-focus on your intention and make sure you keep moving with lazer precision in the right direction.  

Keep re-prioritising and do the most important things first.  

And don't...

...allow yourself to get distracted by perfectionism.  Do things to the right standard, and don't waste your valuable time, effort and energy on things that won't give you a fair return.

That's it, I'm done.  I've got things to do towards my intention :-)