Turbo-Charge Your Team!


Is this stopping your team achieving the results you deserve:

  • Low team energy levels
  • Silo mentality
  • Not focussed on results
  • Lack of direction
  • Internal politics, etc. etc.?


Get the results you want...

...through our Turbo:Teams  strategic leadership programmes. Among the changes you can expect to see are:

  • A results-focussed team
  • An 'A' Team mentality
  • A culture of excellence
  • Clear understanding of eveyone's responsibilities
  • Turbo-charged team energy
  • Massive enthusiasm that rubs off on everyone - customers, investors and other stakeholders
  • No more silo thinking
  • Individuals aspiring to be the best
  • Everyone pulling together
  • Open discussion and debate around issues
  • No more hidden agenda
  • A brilliant team you can trust
  • The satisfaction and confidence of success


Turbo:Teams! is a results-based programme designed around your specific needs.

To make it stick we use a variety of tools and techniques including development workshops, coaching and team facilitation. It's definitely a programme and not merely a training exercise, and the follow-on work is essential for you to get the maximum results.

The programme is divided into two parts.



Let's get this straight: there's a reason for the "work" in teamwork. High performing teams work at working together.

Building Turbo:Teams starts with getting the attitude right. Work at this and it will pay back time and again.

We start off by getting everyone on the same page and creating a clear understanding of what's needed of the team:

  • Purpose - Shared vision & values, meaningful work, single-minded proposition.
  • Passion - Massive enthusiasm, huge positive reinforcement, chulture of excellence, celebrating success.
  • Focus - Clear understanding, shared responsibility, mutual respect, demanding the best.


PPF Process



With the building blocks in place, we get down to the nitty gritty, working on a specific project to make it real:

Building a Team Identity - team members get to know and understand each other better, analyse their current situation and develop their skills of Emotional Intelligence. This can involve a combination of group discussions, analytical tools, experiential learning and team building activities. The obejective is a team focussed on getting results, working together and making personal sacrifices where needed, and holding themselves and others to account.

Creating the Team Mission and Plan - a workshop process to agree the project's mission and goals. Planning towards delivering the goals is done collaboratively, or individually before being reviewed by the group.

Making It Happen - communicating and getting buy-in for the plan, reviewing progress towards delivery and maintaining team cohesion in overcoming roadblocks.

The bulk of the programme is focussed on delivering the mission and goals by continual monitoring, and embedding learning to create lasting change.

By the end, we expect to see a self-motivating, empowered team that's got real momentum, and has the drive and enthusiasm to carry on delivering great results - truly a Turbo:Team!


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