Tim Parker knows a fair bit about business.  

His career history reads like a who's who of blue-chip companies, and he's currently Chairman of the Post Office, Samsonite and the National Trust.

He says that...

...the ideal tenure of a CEO should be around six or seven years.

It takes a couple of years to properly get to grips with a complex organisation before they can really start to make a difference at a strategic level.

But then they...

...start to get into a rut, stop asking enough searching questions and actually they need a new challenge.    

That's why I'm...

...moving on from the Midweek BLT after 200 issues to create a new podcast series for this autumn called Beyond Leadership.  

In the podcast I'll be discussing with some of the leading thinkers of today, emerging trends in leadership, and how technology and changing ways of working will impact leaders of the future.

And my first guest...

...will be none other than Tim Parker, Chairman of the Post Office etc. etc.! 


Are there areas of your role where you've stopped

asking questions and are taking things for granted?   

Perhaps you need...

...to move on to a fresh challenge to get you looking at things from a new and different perspective.

How can you redesign your job to make it more stimulating, challenging and rewarding? 

What new initiatives could you try to gain fresh momentum and reinvigorate your enthusiasm?

Maybe it's time... 

...for some radical transformation and reinvention.  

If so, that's what I do.  Get in touch. :-)