It's very easy for us to simply get on and do things without really thinking about how we do them.  

And yet the HOW is so very important.

What happens is...

...we get given a job and we view it from a task perspective.

We focus on what we have to do.

But that's not...

...your job as a leader.  

Your job is to build relationships to get things done; to inspire others to do the achieving; and to set the tone and standards.  

When we get...

...focussed on task we often end up making all the decisions, getting caught in the detail and missing out on the warning signs that our team is disengaged and unmotivated.  

We risk becoming isolated, inward-looking and cut off from what's really going on beyond the doing.


How are you leading? 

Are you spending enough time relating to your people in way that inspires them to bring their best selves to work each day?   

If you see... members who are doing the bare minimum to get by, put yourself in their shoes and imagine how they are seeing you.

Why are they not engaged?  

What could you do differently?

How can you engage their motivated skills?

You know full well... 

...that you need to feel valued, challenged and given the resources and autonomy to do a great job.  

Make sure that's what you're giving your people.