High performance expert Brendon Burchard has a simple "5x50" formula for success.

One of those fifties is to get 50 minutes more sleep each night.

OK, so it could just...

...as easily be an hour, but that wouldn't sit in his 5x50 format!  

The key point is that we need our sleep for a reason.  If we ignore it and try to push on through, we actually become progressively less effective.  

You know what...

...it's like when you're heavily sleep deprived.

But it's harder to detect when we're just a little short on kip, and the effects of that can go unnoticed.

When we habitually get by on less sleep, that leads to us "getting by" in other areas of our lives - instead of being on top form.   

I'm sure you've... 

...had that experience of being well rested and feeling completely clear and in control.  

Well, shouldn't you feel like that all the time?  



Can you change your nighttime habits to accommodate more and better sleep?   

Try getting to bed an hour earlier for one week and notice the difference it makes.

But it's...  

...also the quality that counts.  

To set yourself up for a really good night's sleep you should avoid any screen time - TV, computer or mobile phone - for that final hour before settling down.  

And if you're worried...

...about your productivity, take reports, papers and other business documents to read in bed.

Then, in the night your brain will process all that information and you'll wake up not only fully refreshed, but with some amazing new insights to add value to your work!