That may sound daft: 

"How can it be negative if it's balanced?" you might well question.

But remember...

...when you receive negative feedback, it's very hard to focus on any positives.  

If someone is critical you simply home in on it and forget about all the great things people may have said about you.  

Which means that...

...if you give or get an equal (balanced) amount of negative and positive feedback, it will still feel like it's negative. 

So if you want to appear balanced you'll need to give at least three times as many positives as negatives.   

And to be seen... being positive you'll need to stretch this to a ratio of over four or five to one.  



Create a positive atmosphere for feedback.

Make sure you...  

...don't leave good things unsaid.  Give your team a constant stream of positive feedback.  

This will make them feel good about themselves and able to accept criticism in a positive and constructive way, instead of taking it personally and going off in a sulk.  

Don't take your...

...people for granted.  Be grateful and openly appreciative of their contribution.

Saying, "They're just doing what they're paid for," is not helpful when it comes to motivation.

If you keep telling them they're brilliant, they just might respond!