Back in the '90s I worked for a very wise MD in the outdoor industry.

When, a few years back, I led an expedition to the Himalaya, I asked if he could provide me with sponsorship for some essential kit.

I wasn't ready for...

...his response, which completely blew me away, bearing in mind that he was the boss of the whole outfit.

He told me, "I can't make that decision; I can't spend my people's money for them."

The point is...

...once you've given them P&L responsibility you can't then start interfering with their spending plans.  

If you expect them to have complete ownership, you have to honour your end of the bargain 

As it happens...

...I did get the kit I needed.  But it wasn't his decision.  



Today's action point is really simple: 

If you're ever tempted to make decisions that will impact your people's spending, stop and ask yourself, "Am I doing the right thing here?"

Then talk... over with them and, unless it's business-critical, let them decide.  

You'll earn huge respect, and your people will feel incredibly empowered and motivated, which will reward you in shovel-loads.