Something I have always found to be a challenge for me is when I'm surrounded by people who think small.

When you're the only one who's got a big vision, or wants to aspire to high standards of excellence, it can make you feel like you're constantly wading through treacle.

And worse still... when you have to deal with "Mood Hoovers" - people who suck all the energy and enthusiasm out of you and your team.

Then you're at risk of spending all your time and energy on trying to keep people positive and motivated.


...this will drain your batteries and leave you feeling depleted, leading to lower levels of concentration, reduced patience and impaired decision-making capacity.  

In short, you're in danger of burning out.  



The antidote is to make sure you spend time in the company of inspirational people. 

You may be lucky and have colleagues in your organisation who have great energy - positive people who make you feel good when you're in their company and you come away feeling energised.

Seek them out...

...and hang out with them regularly.  Not ​​​​​​​just when you need a recharge, but often enough to keep you topped up.  You become like the people you associate with, so their inspiration will rub off on you.

If you don't have someone like that, then try going to appropriate networking events to find the right tribe.  

And finally... 

...a great coach can be a brilliant way of keeping your enthusiasm high and your focus in the right place.  

If you'd like to try it, why not get in touch?