This is something we tend to neglect in the rush and tear of business life.  And yet, in my experience that's when we do our best work.

Don't get me wrong...

...I'm not saying stress is bad and we should all go around in a perpetual zen state!   

What I have noticed though, is that when we're running on adrenaline we need to be careful to balance it out by keeping a sense of calm amid the busy-ness.  

When we fail to do that we end up completing the job and then finding all sorts of glaring mistakes.   

How often have you... 

...sent off that vital tender, only to notice a glaring omission when you take time to look at it later?

Stress overload gets us into an unresourceful state where we lose our sense of perspective and our external sensory awareness starts to shut down.  

And as leaders... it or not, we set the tone.  If our people see us rushing around in a mad panic it will have the effect of destabilising the whole team. 



When things get hectic and you're under pressure, do you:  

a) go round to the team constantly checking on their progress;

b) offer them a reward if they get the job done on time; or 

c) take time out to get everyone relaxed, focussed and energised? 

It seems counter-intuitive, and yet (c) is far and away the most effective.

So this is how... do it.   Get the team together and run through what needs to be done.  Make sure everyone is clear on their roles and tasks.  

Then, before rushing off... get into action, take a moment to pause and get relaxed. 

I find that simply getting everyone to close their eyes and take a couple of deep breaths makes a huge difference.

Now you're all focussed on what needs to be done, ready and able to do your best work in a happy relaxed and confident frame of mind!