It's true that we seem to have a natural in-born disposition to think and behave in certain ways.

If we didn't, there would be no real way of understanding and making meaning of personality, either our own or others.

That doesn't mean...

...that we're all victims and we can't do anything differently.  We're not doomed from birth to always behave in the same and predictable ways.

We have free will, we have a choice.

We can choose... each and every moment how we feel.  Whether we're optimistic or pessimistic, happy or miserable, angry or calm, in each case we have a choice.

The key is self-awareness...

...recognising what we're thinking and feeling and how that's affecting our external mood and behaviour.  

Then we can choose to change it if we feel it's not appropriate or not serving us.

As leaders we...

...need to be aware of what's going on in our internal world, because our people look to us for clues about how they should behave.  

We set the tone - whether we like it or not - and that comes from the inside out.   



Notice how you're feeling right now.  

Are you happy, impatient, nervous, or contented?  Is how you feel having a positive affect on your mindset? 

If not...

...think of a time when you had the feeling you would find most beneficial right now.  Maybe you'd like to feel optimistic.

If you can't think of a time, then think of a person who demonstrates the feeling you'd like to have.

Now connect to...  

...that feeling inside yourself and imagine it displacing the one you want to change.  Then hold it there and notice how your physiology is changing.  Remember that.  

Next time you want to change that feeling, try simply changing your physiology, and notice how the new feeling is instantly triggered.  

It's practically impossible... be sad with a smile on your face.  And we all know how good laughter makes is feel. 

So take control of your feelings and that will help you develop a mindset that will inspire and energise everyone on your team.