When it comes to communication we tend to make one big assumption that can actually stop communication dead in its tracks.

We assume that...

...others like to receive information in the same way we do.

The reality is very different!  We all have our own preferred modes and quirks that can either help us take things in, or actually hinder our understanding.

For instance...

...some people love to get everything written down in an email, while others would prefer a phone call or a face to face.  There are people who need to understand the big picture context before any of the detail makes sense; whereas others may be turned off unless they've got a handle  on the 'nitty gritty' first.

If we...

...impose our personal preferences on others we can end up only communicating effectively with people like ourselves.  That could end up exluding a significant number of people we would like to reach!



Firstly, notice how you like to receive information.  

For example, I find it really hard to assimilate lots of facts buried within long paragraphs, preferring simple bullet points and no waffle.

Step Two is...

...start noticing how others are communicating with you.  That's a clear sign of what their preferences are.

Now see if you can meet them where they are.  

Next time... 

...you have to interact with them, try using their preferred style and medium.  

You should then notice a big positive difference in the way they respond.  

And communication is, after all, about what action people to take as a result.