This tip isn't as daft as it may seem...

What really makes you feel pi**ed off?

For most people it's...

...being ignored, not having their contributions recognised, and generally not feeling valued.

 Validating others by showing them respect, honouring their differences and not sitting in judgement of them is a genuine act of love.

There's no need to...

...get all lovey-dovey and start sending them flowers or chocolates!  

Treating them as individuals is all they want.

That and, maybe, a pay rise ;-)



Take 5-minutes to sit and think about how you like to be treated by others - especially your bosses, if you have them.  Then notice to what extent are you treating 

your people in the same way.  

It's a simple... of giving what you want to get.  

Share the love!  

When people feel valued they are more motivated and life is better for everyone.