You already know how important celebrating success is to recognise, reward and energise your team.

But why not...

...include planning the celebrations right at the start when you're putting the project plan in place?

This has the effect of helping everyone envision the task being successfully completed on time and on budget.

That way...

...they start out with the mindset that it's already accomplished, giving them a sense of confidence in the project, the team, and their role (and your leadership too).  

They then bring a positive mindset and energy which is incredibly infectious and will enthuse everyone on the team, creating a 'virtuous cycle' of motivation.

This is a great...

...way to boost the resilience of your project team and keep them on a high - even through the rough patches you will inevitably encounter along the way.



Start planning now!  

What's the next project you've got coming up?

Think about how you can integrate the success celebrations into your planning process.

You could even...

...engage your team in the discussion to give them a real sense of ownership over both the celebration and the actual success.  

This is a great way to get them focussed and energised for the project right from the start.