OK, so you've got your strategy in place.


You've broken it down into projects and 
then into individual tasks.

And then...
...life gets in the way.

Other urgent things have a habit of
cropping up taking our focus away from
our long-term goals and getting us caught
up in activity that's not moving us forward.

Our job as leaders is...
...to keep ourselves and our people 
focussed and making progress towards 
achieving our big objectives.

And I've found a neat little way to do that...


Write down your key strategic objectives 
for each week - the main tasks that will 
move you closer to your goals.

​Then place them somewhere they'll be 
staring you in the face, demanding your 
attention and commitment.

I write mine up on an A3-sized whiteboard 
and put it on the wall just above my computer.

​It's a constant reminder...
...to stay on task, and also of my progress 
- or lack of it - during the week.

I use a different colour for every project too, 
so I can see at a glance how I'm doing on 
each of them.

It also helps to break up the list so it doesn't 
​look such a big task to get it all done!

​Good luck with moving faster towards 
realising your goals and ambitions...