The idea of the Servant Leader had been around 
for well over 2,500 years.


The Ancient Chinese - Lao Tzu and others of his
time - believed that in order to lead effectively,
you needed to put the interests of your people
above your own interests.

And it's even...
...more important today, when we have such
a diverse range of different stakeholders to
look after.


Create a list of all the different stakeholders 
you need to serve in your leadership.

Look at the list and consider how well you 
have represented their interests in the past.

Now think about how you can best serve
them in the future and write an action plan
in order to achieve this.

Something magical...
...will then start to happen.

You'll notice people are much more willing
to follow you, and your leadership will start
to flow and become effortless.

And that's something you can really look
forward to.