"Brett has enabled me to achieve in my career beyond my own expectations. He has given me the tools to continue those achievements, his influence means I think or talk about his work with me most days. It was great working with Brett and I would do so again in the future."

Juliet, Director, Extraction Industry - 05/07/17

"Brett has been instrumental in my development. It was never about giving me the answers but helping me find the best answer for me, which helped me to overcome countless challenges with techniques I still use today. I am without a doubt a better person today thanks to Brett's support along the way."

Harry, Head of Change Management, Energy Co. - 10/02/15

"I recommend Brett as a true professional bringing great experience and practical solutions, delivered with care and enthusiasm."

Sue, Director, Creative Services - 17/11/14

"It's hard to imagine a situation Brett wouldn't add value to – he has a broad professional skill set and is particularly brilliant at developing relationships and coaching people – formally and informally."

David, Chairman, Energy Sector - 17/11/14

"With a wealth of Leadership and Marketing experience, Brett is able to cut to the heart of matters and identify the key opportunities and requirements in a given situation."

Wayne, Director, Creative Services - 17/11/14

"Brett's no nonsense approach enables me to get clear when I feel I'm about to lose the plot! Brett is calm, focused, clear, absolutely spot on every time. I can't recommend him highly enough."

Lisa, Business Manager, Investment - 17/11/14

"Brett really helped me get organized and brought great focus to my work. I find our regular meetings very empowering and motivating."

Mike, Director, International Disaster Relief - 17/11/14

"Brett's insights into leadership have been invaluable. He has a subtle and simple approach that can make big things happen. I would strongly recommend him."

Kate, Charity CEO - 17/11/14

"Brett's wealth of experience and background of working within large organisations enables him to help get the most out of managing people to grow a successful business."

Catherine, Director, Media Solutions - 02/05/14

"Thank you - it's so helpful to have your clear thinking... It's very true that the possibilities are so limitless that we must focus on core objectives or risk low outcomes from all our hard work. It's great to have you helping us to do that!"

Hannah, Chairman, Voluntary Sector - 02/05/14

"Thank you for all the hard work you have put in. Working with you was very positive and I like your thinking and ideas…"

Lee, MD, Hospitality Sector - 02/05/14

"Your thoughtful questioning helped us really focus - as opposed to rushing off on tangents as we normally tend to do!"

Nick, MD, Travel Industry - 02/05/14

"Every time I meet with Brett, I take away something that adds value to my business."

Peter, CEO, Extraction Industry - 02/05/14

About our client John: "You're setting a very good example of how to turn around a business and engage people at the same time. Your leadership is also an example for others."

Susan, Main Board Director, Large Multinational - 02/05/14

"The programme energised my leadership team to develop a truly compelling vision. We’re now working together as a team, with real determination and focus on our objective, and have just had our best results in 18 years."

Ian, MD, Aviation Publishing - 02/05/14

"Whilst working with Brett, I was promoted twice in recognition of my leadership ability. He is highly experienced and knowledgeable in meeting and responding to all different types of leadership challenges."

Anna, Head Of Customer Operations, Energy Sector - 02/05/14

"Chris's coaching's had a major impact on my development. As a business leader the need for a coach is essential, and this becomes more important the higher you climb up a business hierarchy."

Alan, R&D VP, US Corporation - 02/05/14