The other day I received the following Facebook message from my sister in Australia:

Cancer message

Two things:

First of all, of course I posted it.  Our mum had a brush with cancer last year, and now thankfully she's clear.

Second, my sister told me the message was prompted by a friend of hers who I'd met in Canada several years back.  She now has a serious and invasive case, and the outlook's not good for her.

Whenever this kind of thing happens, it makes you realise just how fragile our grasp on life really is, and how important it is to live life every day.

To love.

To laugh.

To be kind and considerate.

To have fun.

To do random acts of kindness.

And to never let a day pass without trying to make it the best day of our lives so far.

You know...

...I get odd days when I feel a bit down and dejected - usually because I've been doing too much, and burning myself out from trying to fit the maximum possible into a life that's way too short to do everything.

I guess I'm greedy - hungry to get every last drop of experience I can.  To quote one of my lovely, amazing daughters, "I love going to new places, meeting new people and doing new things."

Anyhow, when I get one of those down-in-the-dumps days, I think about why I'm feeling that way.  If I'm tired, maybe I simply need to be kind to myself and have an easy day to recharge my batteries.

But whatever... is, I never allow myself two days in a row.  If I'm down for a second day, I tell myself to cheer up.  And if the self talk doesn't work, I'll go for a short walk and make sure to put a bounce in my step.  You try being miserable when you're skipping along and people are laughing at you!  It doesn't work, you simply can't do it.

That's because our neurology is so closely wired in with our physiology.  If you create a happy body posture, your mind will automatically follow.  It has no choice.

Dancing's another great tonic, and physical activity generally.  It's all brilliant for curing the blues.

So next time... feel a bit down-in-the-mouth, remember how lucky you are to be alive.  And if the negative feelings persist, make a positive decision to cheer yourself up using one of the strategies I've suggested.

The best cure... a happy life.  Money can't buy you happiness, but if you're happy it's a lot easier to make money.  That's why it's so important to develop yourself and grow as a person.

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