Here's a story I heard from my friend and mentor Peter Thomson.

It's about a dog lying on a porch, moaning and yelping, yelping and moaning, and generally making a terrible racket.

Lame Dog

Along comes...

...a rooster, strutting his stuff. "Wassup dog?" he asks.

The dog replies in mournful tones, "I'm lying on a nail and it's digging into my side."

The rooster lifts his wing and scratches his head in incomprehension. "Then why don't you get up off it?"

The dog answers wistfully, "It doesn't hurt enough yet!"

How many...

...times do you come across people who complain and complain, and never do anything to change their situation?

But let's not judge.

Remember, if you boil a frog slowly it will stay there and die, but if you put it straight into boiling water it will leap out.

Sometimes we don't notice the build up of pain. It starts as a minor irritation and slowly increases until it becomes almost unbearable.

The trouble is, it's become habituated, and we accept it as the way things are.

We complain, but we don't take action.

Think about your life...

...Are there things you need to change?

How much pain does it take to get you up off that nail?

Listen to yourself.

If you hear complaining and moaning, stop it right now and take action!

  • Set a goal
  • Make a plan
  • Take the first step
  • Review and revise
  • Repeat as required

Life's too short to accept anything but the best.

Don't live in pain - that's just being a victim.

Choose discomfort...

...Choose to step outside your comfort zone and be the brilliant person you were meant to be.

There is no virtue in being anything less.