In a recent blog I was extolling the virtues of the Power of Intention.

Watch this brief 2 mintute video and then answer the question below.

Are you so committed and focussed you don't even see the massive drops lying in wait if you stray just a few short inches from your path?

You see, once you've set your intention you need to Commit to it.  Totally, whole-heartedly and unwaveringly.

Once you've got that level of armour-clad, steel-willed, titanium-plated resolve, nothing, nothing, will get in your way.  

And even if you make a tiny slip, you'll keep going, flat out, never backing off or easing up, just making the small adjutment you need to get you back on track.

This video is such a powerful metaphor.  You might want to watch it again.

Enjoy the ride!

And I'm not just referring to the video!