Episode 3 - John Knights & Danielle Grant

In the 21st century we are entering a new stage of human development that needs us to adapt and move on from some of our traditional leadership behaviours.  In a hyper-connected world where our actions can have far-reaching and unintended consequences, we have to be able to set aside our egos and make decisions based on big picture thinking.

John Knights and Danielle Grant are co-authors (along with Greg Young) of the book Leading Beyond the Ego and have been working to develop transpersonal leadership skills with their clients for more than a decade.  They are both Directors of LeaderShape Global.

In this podcast we discuss some of these issues and John and Danielle share their thoughts on how we can integrate a more eco-centric approach into our leadership practice.

You can buy a copy of their book here: Leading Beyond the Ego - How to Become a Transpersonal Leader by John Knights, Danielle Grant and Greg Young

For details of their Transpersonal Leadership programmes: https://www.leadershapeglobal.com/tlc-programme